Saturday, August 27, 2016

Reborning or giving personality to a purchased doll.

My only granddaughter wanted a specific brand of baby doll because her best friend has one. Well I searched and them buggers are EXPENSIVE!!!. Lee Middleton dolls.  Well to find what I wanted I searched Evil Bay till I found one I liked. I was going by the pictures and it said GREAT condition. she is 22.5 inches and weighted to simulate the weight of a real baby and to help her sit upright.

Well I got her and she was not so great.  Stunk like cigarettes which thankfully was mainly in the clothes and wig.  She had rub marks and paint splatters and a purple mark on her forehead.
But I decided to keep her. This baby has personality. Lee Middleton has passed away but Reva Shick issued dolls from her molds... Very pretty but pricey dolls. You can go to Newborn Nursery Dolls at Madame Alexander and find baby dolls with Lee Middleton molds...not bad prices for these quality dolls.

She was also VERY dusty 
So I got to work . The clothes are going to be soaked in oxy to whiten and deodorize. Then starched and pressed and added to the box.  We (her mom and I) plan on diaper bag with goodies and some clothes and diapers.  

I had the pacifier and it fit with some wedging, the outfit I had bought new and never used and I am going to do some work on it to make it fit better. It is a 0/3mos size.  She got a pedicure and manicure, wet mouth with  tiny little tooth eruptions, and enhanced her brows. Now to find my blush and add some more of that. 

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