Friday, March 29, 2013

Taking New and making it better

I went to Wal-Mart to find a doll like I had gotten for my granddaughter. But they did not have one there. But they did have this one.
 She is cute but not cute enough. I added eyelashes, eye brows, wet mouth and eyes...then went shopping at  the baby department in Kmart and got her headband and jammies... NOW she looks closer  to  a real baby. She wears Newborn size.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hug Me, Kiddie Play Pal 1930s

I was on Ebay and saw this baby just crying out for attention.

I was using a new compo product that I had not tried and I do not like the results...but good thing though. I can always do this over as she is mine...but she is now stabilized and not going to deteriorate further....

 I had to decide from these pictures to purchase her.  I just HAD to have her.

 To me the face was not that pretty. They weren't always imaginative then when doing mass produced.

 Okay so not the smoothest job in the world but now she has character.

 Did NOT want to make a new body so I chose to slip cover it.

 the arms that came on her were too small. so I found bigger ones. I like my dolls to be in better proportion.

 These shoes are vintage rubber and just the right size
 the original dress and bonnet she came in. Look different don't they.

 I made the bloomers for her.  I think it was better then the onsie thing that was on her.
Got a Sally Stanley Smocking Pleater and tried it out...the dress is entirely hand sewn.
She will do for awhile...

Monday, March 18, 2013

Betsy Wetsy

When I was very young I had a Betsy Wetsy doll. This was back in the early 1950s. I was staying at my cousins house one night and I had my doll with me. She fell from the bed and hit the hard wood floor and her head split right in half. My mom was not one for gluing things like dolls and she got thrown away. I cried over that doll. Just recently I was given a Betsy Wetsy. Janet in PA thank you so much.  So  one of my projects is to clean her up and eventually reset her eyes and give her eyelashes again.
 How she arrived
 Wild eyes and dirty face
 her "hair" washed
And her face too!
Original Bonnet, vintage shoes , new socks and new outfit.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sweetie Pie EFFANBEE

It was during a rough time in my life when I first happened upon this baby. Our church had aquired some property to use for a camp for our members. There was an old trailer that I was helping to clean out when I found this girl in a plastic bag. The mice had been at her but it was love at firs sight. My pastor said I could have her if I did not sell her. No problem there.  She was the start or rather the renewal of my love affair with dolls...As far as I can find out  she is from the WWll era.

These last few days I have been working on her and another compo doll. I guess it is about time too!
 face washed
 legs washed
 first layer of paint over compo fix
 the legs with new color and sealer
 should have flipped the photo
Now she has new hair and ready to dress...
Today 3/18/2013 I decided to dress her
 she needed her booties and bloomers
 Then of course a slip
 The dress!
And finally her bonnet... She is complete and I am happy. A good day's work.

Monday, March 11, 2013

An Ancient Beauty~Lucy's Doll

the tag says:

Armand Marseille

Marks: 370

A.M. 8/0x DEP

Armand Marseilles

Made in Germany

no wig, broken shoulder plate,

underclothing is orginial as is


It is the request of the owner that the clothing not be restored
and to try and get the doll as close to orginal as I can.
this should be loads of fun.

 Poor baby looks like she has been in a fight and lost... Chipped teeth and wobbly eyes
the head cleaned up nicely...dont have to repaint the face...YAY!
 One is dirty one is clean... she's the problem in between.
Found some shoes to fit her
 oiled her body but took the arms back off. Didn't like how they sat on her.
Some paint to make her look clean and nice.
 Top straightened up and all those lose threads removed and a patch over the inside that holds in the sawdust stuffing
 Lets do some leg bends... like her shoes?

 made cardboard form to build the shoulder on.
 Started adding layers to build it up
 first real sanding shows some roughness still so will add more filler

the wig is real human hair. I love the color.

She is looking like someones dolly again. 
Now if her mommy likes how she has been dressed , she is ready to pack up an ship off home.