Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas and other holidays

Ever mark time by what happened at what time of year?  Like "oh that was the Easter we had a late snow or That was our last Christmas with so and so"   .... I do that often.  Whenever Christmas comes along I ask the Lord to NOT let someone I love die then... We thought my mom would pass away near a Christmas one year...but the Lord heard my prayer. It was just a short time after her 80th that she left us.  Now I face my Dad getting older and weaker. He is 87 now and he misses mom something fierce.  It is during the times I think on these things I turn to my dolls the most.  I find solace in them. They do not die and leave me...they live on if cared for. Someone somewhere is waiting to love them again.  I guess I should change my name to Granny's RE-loved dolls. Just a melancoly time of year for me.
the outfit, not the doll was a Swap for a precious lady on a doll list I belong to. As I sewed it I tried to imagine what SHE would think of it. She does some of the best sewing I have ever seen when it comes to doll clothes. I have some lovely outfits she did for some of my girls...this was the first I did for her. The following are ones she did for my girls...