Monday, October 22, 2012

A Special little lady has come to my house.

I got a new addition to my house. I don't have a name for her yet. Perhaps somone can tell me who she is. I think she is compo. She once had a wig and will again. I need to renew her color and give her some pretty clothes... She was a gift to me from Sandra Walker of Maine.  I can never thank her enough for this precious little girl...

After looking a the wigs I had available...this one seems made for her.  She seems to like it!
I was searching on the net and found this Rosebud by Horsman. Looks like my girl. Made around 1929
Whatcha think?
Started to work on her.  She needed cracks filled, cleaning and painting where it was missing and then sealing...ready to dress.
Don't you just love her face? I sure do.
Well it took a while but now Dec 2013 She has her dress. She made me think of Little Orphan Annie so I tried to dress her close to what i was thinking...