Monday, May 18, 2015


In 1986 Dianna Effner put out a porcelain doll she called Hilary. The pouty face and blue eyes with that curly blonde wig just tugged at me. I couldn't afford that but I sure liked it. As the years past I still liked her whenever I saw her. I saw an opportunity to get a small one that was done in darker skin with brown eyes and I got her. She was wigged and dressed as you see. She looks like one of my girls.
I gave up trying to get the big one. One day  one of my girls called me from Goodwill. She sent pictures of a couple of porcelain dolls and one of them was the BIG Hilary. I told her to grab that one. She cost $19.99.  She is good quality porcelain from Effner's mold made by someone else. Even though not by the creator in construction, she would not have been cheap when made. Those molds cost a bit and the quality of the porcelain is great!.  don't know what she looked like when done but someone had glued a wig to her and then a child's dress was glued to her. That had to go

so her wig was removed, her body washed and I did a bit of blushing  and put a new wig on her. Now she awaits for clothes.


     When I first saw a Sasha I wanted one. Not a herd but just one. Not the baby but just one little girl... I got her. She is a little loose and I may try to fix that later  and her hair is coming out in huge I think she will need a wig. Do not fancy re-rooting this one. Then make her a special outfit. In size I think she will share Magic Attic clothes with no problems.

After her bath.

A couple outfits I designed for her. You can purchase the patterns at


Friday, May 1, 2015

Tolly Tot

Similar to Target's Our Generation by Battat. But made by TollyTots Unlimited
that make a lot of Disney's toys and their princess dolls.
She reminds me VERY much of a Sasha doll in coloring and take off the face paint and the features are similar.  She is slimmer in build then the American Girl but same height. Some of the clothes of the AG will fit her but not the other way around.  She will do well in the stretch knits that well stretch to fit or hug the smaller build. But if the outfit is doll specific and fit just ITS build and measurements you will run into problems with the skirts and slacks that are non stretchy. They will fall off. But I think outfits made to fit Carpatina, Journey Girl and Alexa might do well on her.