Monday, November 16, 2015

Time Flies

I have not posted for a while due to being sick. I was diagnosed in June with Epstein Barr virus which is the beauty that causes Mono. Well it never got that far but it sure tried. This stuff hangs around 12 to 14 months!.  I can't wait for it to be GONE.  So my dolly fun has been few and scarce. Been working on the house when I could with my hubby who did so between two heart attacks. Gotta love that man, he keeps on even when it hurts. 
My daughter brought me this Bitty Baby she got at Goodwill for a whole $1.99.  I think she is one of those oriental ones. The skin tone and eyes are just right for that.

torn leg, eye off center and dirty ...and so so pale

Not a hard job , just took a little time to scrub all the yuk and repaint. Now to figure out what I can do to reduce the tackiness on the hair. I used spray Mod Podge Matt and it left it a bit tacky.