Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Friend Mandy by Fisher Price

I don't like cloth bodied dolls for the very reason of this one, but she cleaned up better then I thought she would.

                                                     Faint blue smudge on cheek that won't wash off.

New Duds

Unknown little Uneeda baby

Found in a thrift store with straw yellow fried textured hair and dirty.
Decided after washing her hair she needed a reroot.

she cleaned up really pretty. 
NOW some nice new clothes and she is done.


Ugly modern porcelain

My Pastor's sister in law gave me this doll. She was walking and found her in the road.  I have to admit, she IS ugly.  Very cheap to begin with.  So she was a challange and I think she will actually be pretty when I get done with her.

See this is a good start. I think she looks a whole lot better now. 

Arranbee's Nancy

I really gotta stay off EBay.  I find too much temptation there... Like this little girl. The one who sold her did not really know what she had. So I did not pay alot. Someone had done an attempt at restringing. Sorry it wasn't much good. But is okay, I will do it over once the body is ready for it.
the dress looks old but is not. It has velcro closures 

both legs look pretty good and only need touch up paint on the toes.
What a difference paint makes

 Now to let the sealer cure.
Strung together and ready to dress...


Monday, April 8, 2013

Uneeda Dew Drop Doll late 1950s to early 1960s

Poor doll. Put into a hot dusty attic under SOMETHING and was smushed. So now the job of trying to reshape her head and body. She is 21" tall with green sleep eyes. She can wear infant clothing and is a drink and wet doll. 

She cleaned up really nicely... but oh the gymnastics to get that head off.  Using a hair dryer to warm and try to slowly remold it to how it should be.  Believe it or not...the head is painted. I would like to know what kind of paint they used on that vinyl that sticks so well after all these years... the color is beautiful!...
Still did not get the head rounded out, but it is better then it was. She actually looks cute now. Those are real baby clothes she is wearing.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Chatty Patty 1964

If I had enough room, I would never sell a doll. But alas sometimes you just have to sacrifice. So I started to clean up my vintage vinyl dolls. This is the first to be put on the block.

 This is how she came to me.
 And this is her now

Such a sweet face, and her voice box still works!


Friday, April 5, 2013

Mary Hoyer

When I first saw a Mary Hoyer I didn't think much then.  But since I have been looking at compo repairs I had a chance to get a very sad Mary Hoyer. The EBay ad said she was tight and just had signs of age. WELLLLLLL  what I got was a shocker for sure.  Their idea of "tight" flops when I hold her side ways...their idea of age wear is a horrible paint job OVER some crazing and flaking compo.  Her wig was slapped back on when they put a layer of VARNISH on the doll... the eyes would not move.
 Painted over deep cracks, and build up of paint at hip
 yep she is real
 the face was painted over. Her lips and shadow and lashes...ARGHHHHH!
 VERY loose
 she would never hold  pose this way
 the fainting damsel in distress
 Deep crack painted over
 Took it all apart and she had paper stuck in the head to hold the eyes open.
I think, I hope I can get the eyes to looking right without resetting. That is what them funny pliers are for.  The poor wig was not only glued down badly, but was thread bare.

 I'd say she has a very pretty face now.

She can now stand without the help of a stand and be posed