Monday, December 9, 2013

BUTTONS the Dan River Advertising doll

I was sent this little jewel to clean up and send home. She is ready to go back home now.  Very unique construction for cloth doll of the 40s.

this is an ad from then. The picture is not an actual doll but a rendition. The faces ARE molded but not to this extent.  

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Who is She?

When you see this little girl next she will be all together and dressed. She is actually a pretty girl. I am just too lazy at the moment to photograph her progress

Well it took me long enough...she is done for now.  I think  I will have to go back later when I have time to spare and work on her arms and legs...the compo is not setting as it should and crazing again. So at least she is dressed for now...

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Connie Face Doll

I call her that because her face reminds me of my sister Connie. She is a Patsy type. I have not heard of a Patsy doll being unmarked 
She needs her head reattached as it is not connected right now, the eyes are cattywampus so they need to be straightened. Her fingers are missing tips and she has a voice box in back that needs to be replaced then the cotton stuffing to be firmed up.  She has potential for sure.

Little Patsy wannabe

Small but cute.  
the arm is different from Patsy, she is not marked and all Patsy's are. Her hair is blonde not brown but she even has the molded in head band.   
She HAS been identified

Unknown Arranbee Doll

Hopefully she will have a name before I am through with her.
 Too tall for a Mary Hoyer. Same type of body. Love those eyes. She will be beautiful.
Her elastic inside was shot. No stretch left.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Herman Steiner Doll made in Germany

I have already repaired one doll for the owner of this little girl.  My she is different. A bisque head on a paper Mache body. The arms and legs are rough and the body unfinished. Made very cheaply in her day. When new she might have sold for less then a dime.  But then my grand dad worked in a an orchard during the depression for 3 cents a day to feed his family. 

Needs cleaning, painting, repairing , wig and eyes and clothes. 
She measures about 12" or less


Thursday, June 27, 2013

Possible Madame Hendren Doll

Judging by her face and other factors, she appears to be a Madame Hendren Doll from the early 1930s. If there was a marking it would have been on the cloth body and has long since faded. I found this identical face and form on pictures of known MH. 
She is not in as bad a shape as some I have worked on. I like that she is proportioned well.
 Face cleaned, paint retouched and sealed. Wish i could get the yellow from the eyes. They might be tin eyes and someone suggested that they were baked on so they would not be as suseptible to cleaners as others I have encountered.

 Her clothes are all the same, just cleaned. What I thought was a mauve was dirt. It is a very pale lavender. the slip/onsie has restored elastic in the legs, I found old socks and some old hand made
shoes that were given to me.  Rather then spend hours I don't have on the old wig (will keep that for another time) I replaced it and styled the new one.  She is a adorable now.


Monday, June 24, 2013

Another Mary Hoyer

Found this little beauty on eBay for very little.  She is an unmarked Mary Hoyer. After I got her I checked her against the pictures I have and information and some Mary Hoyers were unmarked and did not have the characteristic eye shadow. This is one of them. She came with a wig replacement that has to go and an original dress that I will try to restore for her.
 Her eyes were yellow and sticking
 Washed and repaired her dress
 Gave her a new wig, touched up the face paint and filled in the crazing on the body and repainted
For lack of a better example, I do believe still she is a Mary Hoyer.  Here she is next to my MARKED Mary Hoyer. I think possibly she is one of the earlier ones as not all were marked.

Monday, June 10, 2013

China Head Doll

A new addition
I have always like these. My mother in law had one smaller then this that I re-dressed for her. I never saw it again and who knows where it is.  So when I saw this one on eBay I decided she was the one for me.  In shape enough to need some TLC

Love the clothes

She needs a leg job. 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Composition Character Doll - Snow White

When I saw her on eBay listed as a Patsy I knew it wasn't correct but I wanted her anyway. Something about her. After I got her here I did a search and I am pretty sure she is Snow White made about 1939.  Will be fun to get her back to that. 

cleaned some dirt off...
One side looks like it has been laid in something and the compo on that side suffered the worse damage.
The fingers are missing on one hand.