Sunday, November 13, 2011

Joyce's Doll

Wow, I have a real good one to work on.  Have someone searching out to find out more about her so I can dress her and restore her to as much as is possible to her "when new" look.  I have never tried to restore Compo so this will an experience for me.  And an intimidating one as well. It will take me a while as I have my youngest daughter's wedding to sew for. She was always my living doll when she was little because of her porcelain skin tone.  Anyway, this is Joyce's doll , she is about 65 years old, has a compo head, probably orginally had a mohair wig but we are going synthetic and back to the original blonde. Her limbs are soft vinyl with squeakers and a momma crier in her middle.  I want to take my time and do her right.

Joyce told me that she had been in her attic and she did not realize that the temperature fluctuations would do this to the compo... I am thankful there is no insect damage. Would hate to fumigate before I started...LOL
As I work I will take photos of the steps...I am learning as I go. 
I chipped off all the compo that was just more or less laying there... filled in holes with liquid nails putty and then sanded them down with a Dremel where it was too thick.

a couple thin layers of liquid compo.  Will add more after this has set up.

May 2012
Has taken me a while to get back to this.  Sickness and taxes wait for no man or woman. LOL
so here is today's offering. I am excited about getting this girl finished

next will be to dress her.  The body is slip covered to preserve the original size and shape. The wig color was chosen by Joyce I think she will be beautiful when finished. 
Back at ya when she is ready to show her final glory.

HER SHE IS!!!!!!