Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Rhetta's dolls

Rhetta is a return customer. She was once my mom's upholstery customer. But I guess I am her go to doll person.  These are the latest two she has brought to me and they are ready to go home now.

World War II era Italian character doll.
 the biggest thing was dirt, but her clothes would not take washing so I didn't try. I used a barely damp cloth to wipe down her clothes and face

 Her arms are in bad shape. The fabric dry rotted and perhaps rodent damage.
 this "boat" is a rattan basket and what she was  brought home from Italy in.
 the "hat" she had was not salvageable. So this is a more modern version but suits the look
 She was given a bow of vintage grossgrain ribbon to match her skirt
Her arms were sewn then painted over. The paint served to keep the stuffing from escaping and stiffened the whole surface of the arms so that they cannot degrade further. Pretty roses added to her bodice and in her basket of goodies and pretty blue bow to set it all off and a lining for her basket to cover the original piece of sheep's wool that lined it.

this Next doll is one of those character dolls about 10" tall that has a solid body/head with strung arms and came with mohair for her wig. This particular one was a nurse
 dirt and some dry rot and dampness damage. Poor thing

 Everything was removed and her body cleaned. The arms needed new rubber to hold them on. Then she was redressed from the bottom up. A slip of netting and some "unders" , the skirt was shortened one inch to remove some of the damage and all was pressed after washing and soaking. Then glued back on. Originally it was stapled on and that left rust marks and tore some of the fabric from pulling.
 Her cape was pressed lightly and due to fading was a purple instead of its original navy color. Ribbon tie applied to top of it, a little cross of rhinestones was put on the bodice, "wig" was made from left over hair extensions and a tiny little nurses cap was made to complete the look.