Sunday, March 23, 2014

Little Angels

These dolls were made in the 1950s. They have jointed knees.  One in this group is a knock off. She had molded on shoes and socks.  I have one more to do, but he had to have his hands repaired. So I am working on building some missing fingers before he gets dressed...

 She got a re-root and under those shoes were the molded in ones...this is the Little Angel Wannabe. Not sure who she is.

I went a little wild here and had fun. She got a total revamp and modernization.


I might re-wig her yet. Not made up my mind yet.

This little fella is waiting till I finish his hands and then I will see abut how to dress him. 

Monday, March 3, 2014


  I have a couple Zaph dolls. Zaph is a German made brand and they are good too.  The vinyl holds its color and structure well.  My niece came up the other day with a dirty doll and asked me if I wanted it. SURE!.  I don't turn away free dolls.  After a quick exam I saw she was Zaph 1998 and the vinyl cleaned up beautifully, I dug through my stash of clothing and had to find something cover the legs as they are more cloth then vinyl. She also has the cloth arms with vinyl hands. The body is still dirty and one day I will take her apart to clean it and make clothing, but for now this is how she looks..I couldn't leave her like I got her. I didn't take any before shots so you see her as she is now. I added the eye brows.