Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Another Patsy

This one is called Patsy Junior on her back but was sold as Pastykins.
As I bought her on eBay

What she looks like now AND compared to Patsy Ann

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Patsy Ann

The Patsy family is a big one. When first made they were all composition with painted on hair and eyes, then sleep eyes were added and later wigs... the sizes range from maybe 7 inches to 22 or taller.  I am working on getting all the sizes...only have the very largest ones to find in my price range.

this is Patsy Ann and is about 18 to 19" tall with an all compo body and sleep eyes.
She was not int he best of shape as you can see. Still well strung but the compo had much crazing and a coat of paint over that in an attempt to hide it. Her eyes were shattered. She was re-dressed 

So the task was to sand and fill. The eyes were beyond what I could do right now. So I painted them with sharpie markers. She is hand painted as I am unable to set up my sprayer right now.  I used pictures to do the hair color and face paint.
Will get to dressing later.