Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Meet dolly Surprise

     Dolly Surprise 1988 by Playskool. Made in China.  Found in a thrift store for $1.95 .

 AND what she looked like new.

Only mine has TWO growing hair spots so that she has pig tails...
I think they changed them. I saw AA and blondes and brunettes. 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Well since I need dolls for models (going to sell off some and stick to American Girl and really pretty others) I purchased these two from Evil bay.
One is Samantha and the other is Just Like You #10.  But they need lots of tender loving care. Samantha's hair has been cut and what is left is brittle.  JLY is not in too bad of condition, but both had leg problems. I took them both apart (Samantha had one leg off) and found that they had both been through repairs before.  Well they got it again. I didn't buy a thing but used what I had here, and all I can say is that in the years to come when one of these dolls is torn apart, they are going to wonder WHAT IN THE WORLD IS A GINGER ALE PLASTIC BOTTLE CAP DOING IN THIS DOLL?...he he he...
this is before.  Stay tuned for the after shots. 
Both can now stand on their own. They have some freshening done to their face paint and Samantha is minus her wig.  All in due time.
 Samantha has on ONE of her new wigs

 Sure look different now don't they?

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Little Angels

These dolls were made in the 1950s. They have jointed knees.  One in this group is a knock off. She had molded on shoes and socks.  I have one more to do, but he had to have his hands repaired. So I am working on building some missing fingers before he gets dressed...

 She got a re-root and under those shoes were the molded in ones...this is the Little Angel Wannabe. Not sure who she is.

I went a little wild here and had fun. She got a total revamp and modernization.


I might re-wig her yet. Not made up my mind yet.

This little fella is waiting till I finish his hands and then I will see abut how to dress him. 

Monday, March 3, 2014


  I have a couple Zaph dolls. Zaph is a German made brand and they are good too.  The vinyl holds its color and structure well.  My niece came up the other day with a dirty doll and asked me if I wanted it. SURE!.  I don't turn away free dolls.  After a quick exam I saw she was Zaph 1998 and the vinyl cleaned up beautifully, I dug through my stash of clothing and had to find something cover the legs as they are more cloth then vinyl. She also has the cloth arms with vinyl hands. The body is still dirty and one day I will take her apart to clean it and make clothing, but for now this is how she looks..I couldn't leave her like I got her. I didn't take any before shots so you see her as she is now. I added the eye brows.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Battat Dolls for some little girls

I have been on Evil Bay again. But I gotta have models for my clothes right?  Sure.  Anyway, I decided I wanted to give two special little girls an 18" doll.  Well I couldn't find two Madame Alexanders that I like well enough. These little girls need play dolls. So I finally found two Battat Our Generation dolls on Evil Bay and they needed some TLC
the one on the left is blue eyed and the one on the right is brown eyed. Both in pretty good condition.
 I am looking forward to giving them out soon.

Monday, December 9, 2013

BUTTONS the Dan River Advertising doll

I was sent this little jewel to clean up and send home. She is ready to go back home now.  Very unique construction for cloth doll of the 40s.

this is an ad from then. The picture is not an actual doll but a rendition. The faces ARE molded but not to this extent.  

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Who is She?

When you see this little girl next she will be all together and dressed. She is actually a pretty girl. I am just too lazy at the moment to photograph her progress

Well it took me long enough...she is done for now.  I think  I will have to go back later when I have time to spare and work on her arms and legs...the compo is not setting as it should and crazing again. So at least she is dressed for now...