Saturday, April 11, 2015

American BOY doll

I have been wanting an American Boy doll. Well they don't make them so they have to BE made by us that like to take them apart and redo the American Girl dolls.  Was able to trade and get one that was already in pieces so I can make his joints tight. He had no eyes...
But now he does

Face up next.  Looks too girly right now.
Have a red wig coming for him...
all tight and back together.

Friday, April 10, 2015


I like the ball jointed dolls and they are so expensive...but there is a cheaper alternative, but you have to put up with the ugly faces!  ugh.
 this is how she comes... bleeech!
 Now a prim and proper miss
See ya!!!!


Sara has come to me from Iowa. Her mommy wants her to be more realistic. Sara is made by Playmates toy co. in 1986. The same company today does the Disney Princess's and Hearts 4 Hearts.
Well she arrived today.
 she is the size of a 6 month old as far as clothes and very big feet.
 Her mommy wants her to have more hair that she can comb and to be dressed up pretty.
 so today she got her hair cut, then I cleaned the face of dirt and marks
 She got her lips colored and given the wet look, eye brows added and blush...BUT she has one eye not looking exactly right....
took about an hour of minute pressure to try and get the eye straight. It will have to do as this doll could be too easily broken in the eye sockets and they are agony to fix. Ask me how I
Now to wait on her wig and the armature that will go into her body.
 Clear coat to protect her color
earrings and wig

Her Armature arrived today. So Now Sarah is back together. did a little sculpting as her body is so soft so she has a tush and a belly button... tomorrow if the Lord wills, I will start her clothes.
I got a late start today and worked on her clothes
got her some socks at the store and made the bloomers
SARA  is ready to go home... ducky gets to go too!

Friday, April 3, 2015


the Toni doll came with different hair styles and colors. Back in the 50s home perms were the rage. so these doll had hair that could be styled with curlers. I can't remember if I even had one. but I got to talking to some other ladies on a group and decided I wanted one. With money being tight I was NOT going to spend on a Mint one... so I found a fixer upper.
it does not look that bad till you start to look close. Her face was repainted and the paint was not even. The eye brows were gone and the bottom painted on lashes and the lips were too red to be vintage. the wig was reglued using the PAINT to stick it to the head and that made it a bear to get off.  Her body had fade marks where they tried to scrub but took paint instead. 
She had been restrung.  Well I had a job ahead and I had fun doing it. 
 Removed the red red lips and the wig and took her apart.
Her body and face were repainted , the face up done, and then sprayed with a Matt finish to seal it  all. I like to do body blushing. it is more realistic to me.
since I didn't have a wig that I liked to replace her threadbare one, I washed it and straightened it as best I could for future styling or maybe replacing if I find what I want.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Twilla ( pronounced TWILL A)

I got the blank off Evil Bay.  She is only 10" tall and ball jointed or multi jointed. My first excursion into something like this.  I may do some changes on her face. I haven't glued the wig down because I might change it..I think she would look cute as a red head...

she is currently wearing a dress I made for Anne Estelle and 10" by Robert Tonner.  She needs her own outfit.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Real Anne Estelle

Before Robert Tonner bought the Anne Estelle character, she looked a bit different.  She was 14" tall and a hollow plastic with painted eyes...she fashioned by Mary Englebright after a book character she created.
 I brightened her paint and gave her real lashes.

She is all original with a few tweaks from me. 

This is the Robert Tonner version in the 10" size. 

Syndee doll

I gave this doll to my youngest daughter in 1998.  You bought them in bags and then stuffed and dressed them yourself.  I couldn't find a brunette back then to go with her blue eyes so had to settle for a blonde. After my daughter outgrew her, she gave the doll back to me...time for some updating.
 the blonde hair had to go... she was pale...
 Just not that cute to me...
 she got scalped and then some face paint.
Now dressed and ready to face her dolly friends.