Friday, June 23, 2017


This prescious little compo girl was sent to me by a lady named Marva.  I just love her. So when I can sit down and just give her all my time I will work to restoring some of her beauty. She is in excellent shape but has some bad crazing and atleast one place where the compo is in danger of flaking off...I hope to stop that and then dress her.
I did some searching and thought I had found that she was called "The Incubator Baby"
the original box was shaped like a hospital incubator with a plastic "window" to see in. This blanket is  made of wool and washed up beautifuly.She is 7.5" long if measuring by bent leg length. So tiny but so sweet. If anyone knows for sure her maker  can you please drop me a line?

Saturday, June 10, 2017


Jenny ( a name suggested in one of my dolls groups) came to me by way of Goodwill. I was on their online auction/sale site and saw her and several others like her.  Unfinished. She was someones start at a reproduction french type doll in porcelain. I could wish she was the real thing and made of wood with a composition but alas.  Anyway, she had a jute pate covering the open head, loosely strung so she could not stay upright even on a stand, no wig or clothes. 

I am not a hat person but I am learning. This was a chip straw one I had in my supplies and it adapted well to this. I like how it turned out.