Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Toni P90

I never had one of these but I heard about them. On one of the doll lists I am on , they had a discussion about the Toni dolls and their dresses...well that did it. I was hooked and had to have one. Now when I look for the dolls I want, I look for a fixer upper first. So I found one
 If the dress was any good it was ruined by some bad stitching.I don't think I can fix it. So she will get a new one
 When I go the clothes off I saw the fading on the plastic and it appeared to have been scrubbed and the lips were badly painted.  So guess I will get my first experience in painting hard plastic.

 She looks pretty good here. I couldn't find a wig that I liked so I washed her original and glued it back on.
I love how she turned out

New duds and shoes... looks like a new girl now!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Felt LENCI Type.

Sure I would love a real Lenci but I ain't got a pocketbook lined with gold bullion. So I settled for a Wannabe knock off of similar age.  I think I got a good deal on this Evil Bay doll.  The seller was very nice and worked with me to send by UPS as USPS is not playing nicely with me.

she measures about 22"  in height.  Felt face and cloth body. No markings. Her feet are sold and well formed in size but no individual toes as Lenci of this size would be. Her hair, mohair but very ratty and will be worked on later. Her felt face is faded and has some tiny moth holes...her nose was smushed and I did NOT like the face that much... I wanted her to be more Lenci like. So I did my thing
I painted the felt to match the area under the wig, gave her  new color eyes and bigger mouth, blush, and applied lashes and a new wig.  Whether it all stays like this , I don't know yet.
she is mine so I can have fun.