Friday, May 24, 2013

Composition Character Doll - Snow White

When I saw her on eBay listed as a Patsy I knew it wasn't correct but I wanted her anyway. Something about her. After I got her here I did a search and I am pretty sure she is Snow White made about 1939.  Will be fun to get her back to that. 

cleaned some dirt off...
One side looks like it has been laid in something and the compo on that side suffered the worse damage.
The fingers are missing on one hand.


PATSY really!

I wanna Patsy , I wanna Patsy.  Well I finally got one. A real one but she will take some work to get to looking pretty again. She came with an assortment of clothes but most were not hers. That is okay, I can use them for some other much in need little girls...these are the seller's photos that I went by. I loved the feel of her in my hands.  I hate having to take her apart as she is well strung but I will have to , to do the repaint.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sally by Delite Dolls

This is a Patsy wannabe. Using the same basic head as Patsy by Effanbee and the head on the Nancy by Arranbee.

The clothes are not original. Someone sewed them on her, even the "boots"  Leg was not attached.

She needed some work on various spots all over the body. I tried to remove as little as possible of the original compo and just blend in the colors of the repairs

Now compare her to Nancy by Arranbee
They are very much alike in ways.


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Unmarked Shirley Temple

Right now I am not even sure what size she is. I have her in pieces. The auction said 19". As you can see she has a bit of repair ahead.

I always wanted a Shirley Temple. I don't like to get dolls that are ready to display. I like to handle them and try to bring former beauty back to them.

One day I hope to afford a real Shirley Temple wig. This is the best I can do from right now.

You can't see them but she has a pink onsie and slip beneath the dress.
the shoes are handmade of felt with foam bottoms to them.
 She could not stand on her own when I got her. I like it when they don't need stands.