Saturday, November 22, 2014

An American Girl Makeover

  I have this compulsion to re do dolls I see in need of some TLC.  I bought this American Girl Kit doll on Evil Bay. She had one eye and so floppy... not gotten too far...I keep busy.

She's got the floppies!

first eyes. I could only find brown and green and afford brown, so she got brown
 first the eyes

 new lip color , some lashes and blush
Now to work on her body
It took all of a 1/2 hour to do the body joints.
legs and arms washed 

had heat the arm in the water and pull out

reheating all to install the joints that had new elastic tied to rings

what you see on the outside joint is the same as what you can't see INSIDE the leg or arm
the locking forceps were my third hand, hold the elastic really tight while I tied knots.

all ready to stuff

 No more floppy legs and arms, Only what came out in stuffing went back in. I had to make sure the areas around the leg and arm joints  shoulders etc were stuffed first, then the rest of the areas were packed  I now have a "new" brown eyed Kit American Girl doll.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cititoy Doll

     Today was one of those sit and stew days. I have been sick since Saturday and just didn't feel like doing anything. So I got out one of the thrift store finds my daughter brought me. I think she only paid like $1.25 for the doll total.
     First off she is dirty. I always use rubbing alcohol first and if that doesn't get it off then pull out the big guns.

she has ink on her back and on one hand and spot on each knee. I got out the steel wool soap pads and srubbed her good.First I took her apart so that I could handle her easier.
After the scrubbing her "skin" felt like the brand new high quality vinyl you find in the higher end dolls. This same face can be found on Dollywood dolls.
 Really pretty now.
Then I start the body blush. 
this doll has some fine molding on the body so I just took advantage of that to make it realistic.
I thought she would look cute with hair... so I went into my dolly stash and found one.
When I get back to sewing, she will need new clothes